Photography: GIMP Histogram Exposure Correction

 In this article I explain a method I use to adjust the exposure of a photograph, by using the Graphical Image Manipulation Program, aka GIMP, to modify the photo's histogram.

Night-Time Photography Errors: Shutter Priority

 Last night I experimented with night-time photography and, unsurprisingly, it was a complete disaster. In this article I discuss what  I should have done to take better night-time photographs. 

Photography: Out of Focus Errors I

 Recently, I have been taking photos and making the same out of focus errors.  In this post I discuss my camera's (Nikon 1 J5) auto focus settings and how they should be correctly used.

Photography: Rule of Thirds Composition

This article gives an overview of how I have used the rule of thirds, as a composition guideline for framing images. It explores the beauty of taking a photograph, when the rule of thirds guidelines are applied. 

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