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the missing lecture notes logoProjects hosted on this section of the website form the basis of the Missing Lecture Notes (MLN).  These series of notes have been assembled while attempting to solve real-world engineering problems. What is noticeable, yet quite remarkable, about these notes is that irrespective of how complicated the engineering challenge has been, the solutions require methods learnt from standard engineering and science texts.

Hence, the Missing Lecture Notes have become, unintentionally, a gap between text book learning and real-world problem solving. Note that the MLN series is interactive and readers are encouraged to use the commenting system to either dispute results, simplify them or even agree with them.


  • Series 1 - Display Driver Boards

    PSP Display Driver Board

    This series documents using displays with FPGAs and microcontrollers in embedded projects. It starts with the LQ043T3DX02 display manufactured by SHARP, widely known due to its use in the Sony, PSP I games console. These displays, which are readily and cheaply available as replacements, makes their use ideal in hobbyist electronic and robotic projects. In this series a driver board, for the display, is developed and data is displayed using a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA). The series then demonstrates how the FPGA can be connected to a microcontroller allowing hobbyists a cheap display to use in their DIY projects.


  • Series 2 - Project and Product Management

    0000502This series focuses on  the development of computer science tools to manage the increasingy complex collection of projects and products developed on this site. Almost all of the tools developed will use the MYSQL variant of the Standard Query Language (SQL) on a LINUX platform. The tools, developed interactively with comments and suggestion from readers,  should help us to effectively manage the sites content more efficiently. A future goal of the series is to integrate these tools with the Joomla Content Management System (CMS).