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Learning Renderman (2) - The Colour Cube


The Colour Cube demo, found in The Renderman Companion, is somewhat of a beginners landmark when learning Renderman as a lot of the basic attributes of the language are learnt. The notes presented here,  relevant to the C API binding of Renderman, look at creating object instances. Instances of an object are used as a means of reducing the number of procedural call required to produce more complicated scenes.

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Learning Renderman (1) - Introduction


For a while I have been thinking of learning Renderman, the REYES architecture, photorealistic, 3D computer graphics rendering tool. Today, I finally took the plunge. I have also been planning to document my progress along the way. This section of my notes is a documentation of my progress in learning Renderman by primarily using the C programming language. I intend to delve into RIB files and use other programming languages and tools, if necessary, too.

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