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A2DGL() - A 2D Graphics Library - Project Page


0000328This page details the design and development of A2DGL() - A 2D Graphics Library, that is hardware accelerated, suitable for Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs),  System-On-Chips (SOCs) and and Micro-controllers. 

This library is initially being designed to support the LQ043T3DX02 display products developed on this website. However, A2DGL()'s architecture should be flexible enough to support other TFT and LCD displays commonly used in embedded systems.  

The library being developed describes the fully functional, A2DGL(). A2DGL() will be licensed under the conditions provided in the licensing section below. 

  Mission Statement

The  mission is to produce a BorlandTM BGITM type graphics library with modern computer graphics constructs. The graphics library should support most of the primitives found in BGITM with enhancements supporting modern computer graphics paradigms. Hence, the majority of drawing primitives should be implemented in hardware. That is, the majority of the graphic operations will be implemented in a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA ) using a Hardware Description Language (HDL). As a result micro-controllers that use the library will be able to concentrate on non-graphics related activities, freeing-up valuable CPU time.


Architecture: TBD


Features: TBD


Drawing Primitives: TBD


API Referencce: TBD


Roadmap: TBD

Downloads: TBD


A2DGL() will be released under the GNU General Public License  V3.

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