3D Printing (3) - 3D Printing AutoCAD Models


 Quite recently I set myself a task to print in 3D, one object, out of many, from a 3D scene in AutoCAD. How this is, or should be done, left me perplexed for a while. However, I soon realised that this objective is not too difficult a thing to do, like most objectives, once you know what you are doing, or are supposed to be doing!  Especially, where in my case, probably like with most 3D printers, the printer's  application software accepts 3D models in the .stl or Lithography format. By the way, in case you don't already know, my 3D printer is an UP! Mini 3D Printer.

With this objective in mind, in this blog post I demonstrate how I 3D print AutoCAD models using any 3D printer in general and the UP! Mini 3D printer in particular. Hence, the method should work for any 3D printer software that supports the .stl file format.  

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3D Printing (2) - UP! Mini 3D Printer - Installing the Parts, Configuring and Printing My First 3D Models

Hello, welcome to my blog posts about 3D printing. Last week I received my UP! Mini 3D Printer and began the installation process. However, I started relatively late on Sunday and didn't have time to complete the task during the week. Having a weeks' break wasn't so bad, as it allowed me to reflect on what has been achieved so far, which in all honesty is not very much.

In this post I describe the trails and tribulations I have been through to print my first 3D model. 

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