Vacation (4) : Puy du Foy - Summer 2014, The Knights of the Ronde Table

Our next stop was to see Le Chavliers de la Table Ronde or The Knights of the Round Table. This was quite a good time for us to attend this show, as quite recently a series, called Merlin, has been broadcast on British TV on Saturday evenings. This meant that we were relatively familiar with the characters, as well as the material that was on display.

I've always wondered what they would have been called if they sat at a conventional rectangular dining table! Le Chevalier de la Table Rectangulaire. Quite fortunately for them they didn't and the table was round according to the legend, because all the knights were deemed to be equal once they had proven themselves to be chivalrous. This blog post chronicles the start of the knight's adventures.

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Robotics and FPGAs (3) - Designing the 17 DOF Robot's "Shoes" Using AutoCAD - Rev. 1

In my last blog post, on the 17 Degrees-of-Freedom (DOF) Biped Robot in Robotics using FPGAs, I expressed my slight concern about the stability of the robot due to the four screws protruding out of the Robot's footbase. The screws are used to attach each footbase to a multi-functional servo bracket. This lead me to take a break from the assembly and see what I could do about it.

 What I discovered while designing the "shoes" is that it could be possible to redesign all of the robot parts in a Computer Aided Design (CAD) package and create a 3D printed robot like Intel's Jimmy the 21st Century Robot. However before I got too carried away with designing a 3D printed robot I firstly designed the "shoes" and the method I used to design this covering, using AutoCAD, is the subject of this blog post.

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