First Impression (6) - iSketchNote, A Perspective View

I love drawing, but I've never given myself a chance to become any good at it. I love my iPad (iPad Air) too. Hence, when  I saw a device, the iSkecthNote, that happily married the two I didn't hesitate to help fund it, when it was introduced on the crowdfunding website, Kickstarter.

However, as has been symptomatic of Kickstarter projects, this one was delivered late too, but this time I didn't mind. This was because I thought that the wait would be well worth it.

When the engineers behind iSketchNote conceived of the idea they probably thought that it was very good one and if they turned it into a product they might be able to sell a few. They were wrong, it is an absolutely brilliant idea and it wouldn't surprise me if they end up selling them by the bucket load. This is my first impression of using the iSketchNote.

Just after finishing this article ISKN released app version 2.1 and the Bluetooth connectivity pairing issues seem to have improved.

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Vacation (8): Diversity, Brighton Center, Brighton, Dec, 2014, Part 2

The Brighton Centre is situated opposite the Brighton seafront, which makes it especially nice to go to during the summer, as one can hang out along the seafront before and after a show. Although as commented previously it gets quite chilly during the winter months and a walk along the seafront is not recommended.

It has a capacity of 4,500, which is probably its downside, as not all artists are comfortable performing in front of a maximum capacity audience of that size. 

We are lucky every now and again though, as some major artists do come down, like earlier in the year when we had Little Mix! Next year we will be spoilt for choice with the Kaiser Chiefs and Paloma Faith performing, amongst others. We are spoilt for choice. Anyway, this blog entry is a continuation of the last one about Diversity at the Brighton Centre.

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